How much does a resume writing service cost

You have to accept the fact that your CV is frequently the first thing potential employers view, excluding your LinkedIn profile or other online profiles.

Whereas if you are thinking about utilizing professional resume writing services, do your homework and study the company or writer.

In spite of the fact that you may read any 1- or 2-star evaluations on any resume writing business on sites like TrustPilot or SiteJabber. 

In addition to giving you some information about resume prices based on what other people are saying in the reviews, it will give you the truth about what you can expect from them.

To help you present your best self, it is vital to have the best CV possible created.

However, we will do our best in this article to help you understand how much does a resume writing service cost.

how much does a resume writing service cost

How much does a resume writing service cost?

What is Resume writing?

Your resume will most probably be asked when you apply for professional-level jobs. Hiring managers carefully evaluate resumes to decide if a candidate is a good fit for a position that is open.

Moreover, a CV also gives potential employers all the information they require about you and explains why you are the best candidate for the position they are hiring for. It should highlight your skills in a clear, logical, and concise way. Its objective is to:

  • Hiring managers analyze potential employees using resumes. They frequently only give resumes a quick 15-second glance before choosing which pile to put them in. The recycle bin receives the No pile. Another look is taken at the “Yes” pile, and possibly an interview. 
  • Your resume is a tool that will help you advance to the interview stage of the hiring procedure. It can even help you be ready for the interview by giving you specific subjects to practice talking about.

Henceforth, think of your resume as your own 30-second advertisement. Ideally, you will capture the hiring manager’s interest within the first five seconds so that she’ll keep reading.

If not, your resume can be rejected.

Because producing a resume needs some professionalism and ability, many resume writers are able to demand a high price for it.

You must have discovered the science behind resume writing by this point, I assume.

What is Resume writing?

How much does resume writing services cost?

While the price of a professional resume should be seen as an investment that could pay off with a steady income, a promotion, and/or paid perks, you should also check to make sure you are not being overcharged.

On the other side, if all you want is to save money, you should not anticipate getting the greatest work done for you in terms of developing a respectable CV that secures interviews.

People looking for jobs frequently use resume writing services since they have worse writing skills than they would like.

Or maybe they are just too impatient to write their own resumes. Thus, the price of resume writing becomes a crucial issue.

There are many online resume writing services, and a non-executive, professional resume bundle often costs between $200 and $300.

However, given that the cost of a resume and resume bundle ranges from $49 to $1000+, you will find that this is the average.

How much should you spend, then, to have a nice CV without going broke?

The Solution?

Everything depends on where you are in your career right now and whether you want a senior- or executive-level position.

Depending on whether it is for an entry-level, mid-career, or senior role, a professional CV should cost between $100 and $700.

While not including any package deals, some resume providers, on the other hand, charge upwards of $700 for the resume alone. Additionally, some charge for resume bundles significantly more than $1000.

Regardless of how much you spend, your choice should be based on research and due diligence because not all resume writing services are created equal.

Be aware that a resume writing business’s large clientele does not necessarily imply that you will get a high-quality resume package, prompt service, or prompt response.

Furthermore, these features are not implied just because the service is more expensive. You can get a great CV without spending a lot of money, therefore the saying “You get what you pay for” is not always accurate in either direction.

However, you might now be aware of the response to your question regarding how much does a resume writing service cost.

How much does resume writing services cost?


To get a new job, you might need to use a resume writing service or hire a professional resume writer. Several studies have shown that a well-written CV can increase your starting pay and increase your likelihood of being recognized.

However, the price of expert resume writing services also varies according to factors including the resume writer’s specialization, years of experience, certificates, and additional services provided in addition to resume writing.

We have therefore provided a list of the details you will need in this post to support your inquiries regarding. What resume writing services are and how much it costs.

We hope that this post will assist you in understanding how much does a resume writing service cost. Also, don’t forget to provide us with your thoughtful feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to have a CV written?

Depending on whether it is an entry-level, mid-career, or executive resume. A reasonable pricing range for a professional resume is $100–$700. However, other resume providers, without any package discounts, charge upwards of $700 for the resume alone.

2. Does using a resume writing service pay off?

However, a professional resume writing service is more than just a way to get a job. It is an investment in your job search efforts and might hold the key to reaching your longer-term professional objectives. And when you think about the return on that investment, hiring a professional writer has very little expense!

3. When should resume travel back in time?

In 2022, how far back should your resume go? The standard recommendation is to limit the amount of job experience on a CV to 10 to 15 years. By doing this, you’ll be able to give a potential employer a general overview of how you got started, how you developed, and where you are now.

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