How to put writing skills on resume

We have to accept that a candidate’s writing abilities appear on a CV to assist them in acquiring the job they want. 

Whereas, specializing in a certain writing field provides technical skills that employers and hiring managers’ respect, and highlighting writing talents in a resume’s skills section may help you explain your abilities during the recruiting process. 

Moreover, understanding the most significant writing abilities to include on a resume and how to include them might assist you in creating a resume that will boost your chances of being recruited.

So, in this article, we will look at how to put writing skills on resume and which writing skills to include.

how to put writing skills on resume

How to put writing skills on resume

To mention your writing talents on a resume, take these steps:

Research the Company.

To begin with, you can investigate the organization you wish to work for before adding your writing talents to your CV. 

As a candidate, you can conduct research on a firm whose basic objective aligns with your interests, passions, and beliefs. 

Furthermore, because every firm appreciates distinct hard and soft abilities, recognizing which talents best suit the organization will help you stand out from the crowd throughout the hiring process.

Though, to determine which writing abilities a firm may require the most, attempt to learn more about it and acquire information on how it generates money, its target audience. If it is an established business or a startup, its industry, and how it communicates. Examine the company’s social media, blogs, and website to get a sense of its communication style and tone.

Research the Company

Review the job description.

Secondly, reviewing the job description for the post you are looking for is another approach to determining which writing talents are most useful to a firm.

In addition, relevant keywords in job listings might assist you to realize which writing talents are most important for a specific career. This can assist you to guarantee that you put the most relevant abilities on your resume and boost your chances of landing an interview.

Review the job description

Identify the writing skills you have.

Once you have identified the capabilities that the employer appreciates the most, you may incorporate them into your CV. There are various writing abilities that may be listed on a resume, including:

  • Grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and spelling are all basic writing abilities.
  • Technical writing abilities include analysis, data visualization, product understanding, and research.
  • Business writing abilities include composing business cases, newsletters, letters, and emails.
  • Engagement, networking, and sales-oriented business storytelling.
  • Business emails, sales emails, and email marketing are all examples of email writing.
  • Academic writing abilities include essay writing, thesis writing, exposition, and persuading.
  • E-books, short tales, novels, world-building, and dialogues are all examples of creative writing.
  • Copywriter abilities include content writing, SEO writing, blog writing, and marketing.
  • Proofreading, style correction, rewriting, and typesetting are all examples of editing.
  • Journalism: investigation, sourcing, fact-checking, interviewing, investigation
  • Writing for social media requires engagement, attention to detail, and calls to action.
Identify the writing skills you have

Select a format for your resume.

An excellent CV may catch a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s attention and help you stand out from the crowd. Hiring managers frequently scrutinize candidates’ resume writing style and specified abilities. 

Additionally, selecting an efficient resume format is a wonderful method to demonstrate your writing skills. 

Although, if you are looking for a writing job, you might consider mentioning writing talents in a separate area. 

However, you can include them in your most recent experience or link to additional certificates for different professions. The following are the most common resume formats:

Select a format for your resume

Resume in reverse chronology.

This is one of the most used resume formats, and it allows you to present your job history chronologically, beginning with your most recent employment at the top. 

Nonetheless, it is better suited to those with prior experience. If you want to include some writing experience or skills in the description of your duties and accomplishments for a previous position, this is a good option.

Resume in reverse chronology.

Resume that is functional.

This resume emphasizes key talents rather than career history. It usually starts with a professional purpose or summary statement, followed by a description of relevant abilities before job experience, education, and other details. 

While this style of resume allows you to highlight your writing abilities at the start of the paper.

Resume that is functional

Combination of reverse-chronological and functional resumes.

A hybrid of reverse-chronological and functional resume forms is more adaptable. It allows you to mention both abilities and job experience, depending on which you believe is more necessary for the position. 

For example, if you believe that writing abilities from a prior role might provide greater value, highlight them instead of other tasks.

Add your writing abilities and experience.

Consider showing your writing talents using stats and achievements to give worth to them. For example, if you have previously written business reports, try using a reverse-chronological format or a blend of reverse-chronological and functional forms to showcase this experience. 

However, if you are looking for a job that requires you to write business reports, provide this particular experience underneath each job description and quantify it:


Old West Industries, Cairns, Queensland, chief marketing officer

February 2012 to July 2021

Key accomplishments and responsibilities include:

  • 500+ business reports, including annual reports and project reports, were written.
  • I wrote almost 1000 business cases. Over 800 projects were successfully launched. This resulted in a 75% increase in income.
  • For eight years, I wrote weekly newsletters with 25,000+ subscribers.
  • Other responsibilities include managing email marketing campaigns, ad campaigns, and marketing communications.

Hence, these are steps you need to keep in mind while learning how to put writing skills on resume.

Add your writing abilities and experience

Resume Writing Cost.

While the cost of a professional resume should be viewed as an investment that might result in a consistent income, a raise, and/or paid benefits. You should also ensure that you are not being overcharged.

On the other hand, if you just want to spend as little as possible. You should not expect to get the best job done for you in terms of creating a decent CV that obtains interviews.

People seeking work frequently seek out resume writing services since their writing abilities are not as strong as they would want.

Or perhaps they simply lack the patience to write their own resumes. This begs the question of how much do resume writing costs.

Apart from this, there are several resume writing services available online. With the typical cost of a non-executive, professional resume bundle being between $200 and $300.

However, you will discover that this is the average because the price range for a resume and resume bundle is from $49 to $1000+.

So, how much should you pay to acquire a good CV without breaking the bank?

The Answer?

It all depends on your present career level and whether you are aiming for a senior or executive-level post.

Whereas a professional CV should cost between $100 and $700, depending on. Whether it is for an entry-level, mid-career, or executive position.

On the other hand, some resume services cost, charge upwards of $700 for the resume alone, without counting any package packages. Furthermore, some charge far beyond the $1000s for resume bundles.

Although it is up to you how much you spend, your selection should be founded on your due diligence and research because not all resume writing services are equal, regardless of price.

Understand that just because a resume writing firm has hundreds or thousands of clients does not guarantee that you will receive a high-quality resume bundle, prompt service, and quick response. 

Furthermore, simply because the service is more expensive does not imply these things. The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” is not always true in either direction, because you may acquire an amazing CV without spending a fortune.

Resume Writing Cost


Lastly, know that how you report your talents for a job might impact how far you move in the hiring process. As you carefully design a resume targeted for the exact post you are looking for. 

However, if you want your resume to indicate that you have what it takes to get an interview. You should highlight your job abilities.

Nonetheless, the talents on your CV may set you apart from the competition and help you obtain the job you desire. If a recruiting panel does decide to grant you the position. The compensation amount they settle on might be readily influenced by your resume skills section.

So for your convenience, we have structured this article on how to put writing skills on resume. We hope that this would be of some use to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you describe your writing skills?

Writing talents are the abilities that allow you to write effectively and concisely. A competent writer is someone who can explain their message to their audience in a clear and concise manner. Writing abilities extend beyond the act of writing itself. 

How do you describe your writing style?

A writing style is a distinctive approach for an author to communicate with words. With the voice, personality, and general tone that they apply to their material, an author establishes a style. A writer’s style might vary based on the sort of writing, the audience for whom they are writing, and the audience for whom they are writing.

What are the 5 basic writing skills?

Spelling, capitalization, punctuation, handwriting and keyboarding, and sentence organization are examples of basic writing abilities. (e.g., learning to eliminate run-ons and sentence fragments). Basic writing abilities are commonly referred to as “writing mechanics.”

What is writing a job description?

The following elements are included in a job description: job title, job purpose, job duties and responsibilities, required qualifications, preferred qualifications, and working conditions.

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